CME Clearing Europe Members

Active Participants in European OTC Commodity and Financial Derivative Markets

Our clearing members stand behind all trades cleared through CME Clearing Europe. They must meet a number of membership requirements, including those related to regulatory status, minimum capital and risk management and operational capabilities, and their continued ability to meet those requirements is closely monitored. They currently include many of the largest and most active participants in the European – and global – OTC commodity and financial derivative markets, and we expect our membership to grow in line with the diversity of our range of OTC derivatives clearing.

Member Firm Firm ID OTC Commodities Clearing Firm ID OTC IRS Clearing Firm ID Exchange Clearing
ABN Amro Clearing Bank N.V. 694
ADM Investor Services International Limited 905 905²
BNP Paribas Commodity Futures Limited 501 501²
BNP Paribas SA 112
Citigroup Global Markets Limited 370 370²
Credit Suisse International 259
G.H. Financials Limited 762 762
Goldman Sachs International 350¹ 350
HSBC Bank PLC 323¹ 323
INTL FCStone Limited 826 826²
JP Morgan Securities PLC 673 673²
Morgan Stanley & Co. Intl. 600
Nomura International PLC 180
Royal Bank of Canada 732¹
Societe Generale International Limited 714 714
The Royal Bank of Scotland PLC 415 401 415
UBS Limited 187 187²

¹ This firm is a “Participant Clearing Firm”, meaning a firm that has been approved by the Risk Committee and the Board of Directors pursuant to Rule 3.1.1 which satisfies the Membership Criteria save for Rule 3.2.1(h); i.e. its Contribution to the Guarantee Fund

² Commodities only