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Upgrade to the CME Pivot instant messaging platform and get everything you need to collaborate with market participants over a secure, fast network. Benefit from a truly open platform with a single point of access to all of the IM networks you use today.

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To add users to an existing CME Pivot account, contact the Market Technology Sales Team*.

*Firms that already have an account should speak with the Market Tech Sales team to request a new ID in order to maintain firm compliance.

Message with Confidence

Capture, archive, and integrate your messages from all IM networks – AIM, Twitter, and Microsoft IM – while integrated with the best-in-class compliance programs and aligned with the latest regulations.

Customizable Collaboration

Collaborate with internal or external buddies in chat rooms that are easily configured to your needs, based on multiple tiers of administrative controls.

Advanced Blasting Support

Blast IMs to a group or groups, including more than 400 counterparties, and switch between distribution lists configured based on criteria you select, such as sectors, securities or firms.

Workflow Efficiencies

Easily find and share alerts, get immediate valuation of parsed strategies with intelligent trade recognition, and filter block trade information based on your needs. 

Exchange Integration

Submit RFQs or retrieve block trades through direct access to CME Globex, CME ClearPort and CME Direct, our trading front-end. 

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CME Group works in tandem with a variety of partner companies to make CME Pivot part of a complete solution for the financial services industry. Our partners bring individual expertise required to insure the best technology, compliance and network services for all your messaging needs.